Leadership Inspiration – The Sir Stag Leadership philosophy hopes to encourage today’s men to live up to their true potential.

Who the jewellery is being created for.

Quotation from M-J

“we seem to have forgotten that men should be able to show their masculinity, instead it could be seen that due to the mixed messages society is giving, some of today’s men swing between either being wimp’s or bully’s”.

Sir Stag’s Mission is to create jewellery for Alpha Leaders, the sale of which allows for the support of community groups that supports young veterans and those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

MJ believes that a major part of this is to help create strong Male Role Models. This includes the True Leadership Values and Characteristics. By the way, this is not about creating robotic perfectionists. Quite the opposite true leaders know if you haven’t failed you haven’t really tried.  Failure is the ultimate learning experience.

The Stag Leadership Quotations are seen to be the Virtues of what a makes a true role-model.

Attributes of True Leaders

        Stag Leadership Quote - initiative Stag Leadership Quote - Kindness Stag Leadership Quote - loyalty Stag Leadership Quote - OptimisticStag Leadership Quote - Optimistic   Stag Leadership Quote - Steadfast






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