Kai (change)  Zen (wisdom)

Kaizen, which translates roughly to “good change,” is a Japanese productivity philosophy that helps you organize everything you do. In short, it means “constant, continuous improvement,” and is a mindset you can apply anywhere, at any job.

The overall practice of Kaizen involves making changes or improvement in 1-minute increments. we take on the desired change each day for 1 minute.  Everyone has 1 minute to spare on a daily basis to change a habit or improve a skill.

Masaaki Imai made the term famous in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success

The 10 Year Plan

I personally used this to create my 10-year plan for Sir Stag.  Starting with 1 minute each day I created a comprehensive plan. This plan will shape the day to day activities for my company & creations.

The wisdom behind the 1-minute philosophy is that you may start with one minute but that 1-minute duration does increase and you keep doing it each and every day because we all have 1 minute to spare.

I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve any area of their life, whether it be relating to your health, business family really anything

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