Crushing the MYTH – Real Men Don’t Wear Jewellery

Yes, REAL MEN do wear jewellery!!!

Real Men Wear Jewellery

Real Men Wear Jewellery

If my experience has taught me anything its that Real Men do wear Jewellery and I’m not just talking about the celebrities that are paid to do so.


There is nothing more stylish than a man wearing a unique piece of jewellery that enhances his personal style

The issue really is that pieces are rarely unique for many decades now manufacturers have been taking a Cookie Cutter approach.   Which is ok for the mainstream but Alpha Males are NOT MAINSTREAM.

Celebrity Mr T

Bejeweled Mr T

Unless you are Mr T you might be looking for something simple but you still want the choice of pieces that are unique and enhance your personal style.

Here are 4 Mens Jewellery Hacks to help you find what you need:

  1. Wear what feels comfortable
  2. Wear what looks right for you, in size and style.
  3. Look for jewellery that means something to you – I have 2 smalls charms I wear all the time both have significant meaning to me one is in the shape of a saddle and the other is a tiny riding crop. I wear them everywhere.
  4. Materials and metals – there are no hard fast rules anymore, I have seen brilliant designs of mix metals for years now.

    Katana Blade Set - Tri-metal

    Katana Blade Set – Tri-metal

To sum up its all about what makes you feel good and what means to you.

Share your favourite piece….

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When its in your DNA! Creating Legacy

Have you ever wondered where our desire to create a Legacy comes from?

John Robson Snr (Grandfather)

Today I give homage to my grandfather who inspires me to create a legacy. In 1945 this amazing man served in World War Two where he was injured, back to Australia and given the option to retraining.

He chose to become a jeweller and had an illustrious career for over 20 years before his passing.

John Robson Jnr (Father)

It must be kept in mind that I knew none of this.

So when I told my father in 2008 that I was going to become a jeweller he was both proud and excited. After searching his awesome tool shed my father gifted me 3 amazing pieces of inspiration. A pair plyers, a pair of soldering tongs and a soldering iron. All these tools belonged to my grandfather and are from the 1940s and still work.

Best soldering tweezers ever

My favourite is the long pair of soldering tongs that I use every day.

The reason I feel this is important to share is that over the holiday season I went through an intense planning process, where I was able to create a 10-year plan. YES, 10 years of what I want to create and do. 

Best Legacy Gift

My belief is that I can only do this because I am at peace as to where I come from.  This allows me to be dedicated to producing a legacy.  

So at this time, I wish you Clear Vision for Creating an Abundant Future.

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KaiZen the 1 minute Japanese practice of change management

Kai (change)  Zen (wisdom)

Kaizen, which translates roughly to “good change,” is a Japanese productivity philosophy that helps you organize everything you do. In short, it means “constant, continuous improvement,” and is a mindset you can apply anywhere, at any job.

The overall practice of Kaizen involves making changes or improvement in 1-minute increments. we take on the desired change each day for 1 minute.  Everyone has 1 minute to spare on a daily basis to change a habit or improve a skill.

Masaaki Imai made the term famous in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success

The 10 Year Plan

I personally used this to create my 10-year plan for Sir Stag.  Starting with 1 minute each day I created a comprehensive plan. This plan will shape the day to day activities for my company & creations.

The wisdom behind the 1-minute philosophy is that you may start with one minute but that 1-minute duration does increase and you keep doing it each and every day because we all have 1 minute to spare.

I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to improve any area of their life, whether it be relating to your health, business family really anything

Check out Leadership Inspiration to see how Kaizen can help you obtain the change you are looking for.

How do we create great Male Role Models in today’s World

This is really a case of the answer being simple and practical but the practice is extremely difficult.

Here are a couple of practices that we all might like to have a go at.

  1. Treat each other with respect (ouch) very much easier said than done. Let’s start a new habit today of trying courtesy over cursing.
  2. Now here is a big one; let’s show that a difference of view does not need to be resolved with violence. If we agree to disagree and “Respect” each other and the laws of the land in which we live, we might find that our differences make us stronger.

I was going to put a few extra points in this little post but quite frankly I believe these 2 are enough to start with.