The Sir Stag Mens Jewellery collection is designed and created by one Artist – Marieke-Joy Treloar (aka M-J to her friends).

Unique 10 Sided Merkabah

Unique 10 Sided Merkabah


She is an unabashed bon vivant artist, who has combined her hedonistic and creative sides.  Some say a lovely combination of black and white.  Her own shades of grey to handcraft unique mens jewellery that is a true representation of an individuals style.

“I am truly in love with what I do, there is nothing in the world I would rather be doing. There is nothing more intense or ultimately satisfying as the process of design and creation”


The Sir Stag range was born from M-J’s desire to see today’s Real Leaders and Role Models enhance their personal style.
“The Sexiest thing on the planet is Confidence”
We seem to have forgotten that men should be able to show real masculinity and leadership without being labelled as wimps and bullies. This is Sir Stag.
For M-J this is not just about the jewellery she wants to challenge those around her to be real Role-Models and True Leaders visit the Leadership Inspiration page to learn more.

Want to see what MJ has made today visit the Sir Stag Instagram